Do you have dirty paint racks that need cleaning? Did the paint system malfunction and leave you with thousands of mispainted production items? Did someone leave raw steel stock or parts setting out in the weather and now you have a rusty mess? In the fast paced race for quality and efficiency in production, paint removal or derusting is not a job that many companies want to gear up to do in house. Constant changing government regulations, labor problems and a messy process are just a few of the reasons why many companies prefer to have us take care of their metal cleaning needs.

Bare Metal has been serving Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee and Missouri for 30 years. Our experienced employees and management will work closely with your company representatives to serve in meeting your paint removal, degreasing, or media blasting needs.

Our 30,000 square foot facility offers a wide range of capabilities on a scale large enough to clean an Army tank and small delicate hospital surgical instruments. Grandmother's antique iron bed, your son's bike frame, or that lawn furniture that is starting to look old and worn out are just a few items that we can fix for you. If it's metal, we've probably cleaned it before. We work closely with area painters, platers, and metallurgists to provide a complete service that will meet the needs of almost any customer. We provide pick-up and delivery and rush orders for customers in a critical need for a fast turn-around situation.

Our processes are in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Upon request, we can provide copies of our E.P.A. permits or permit numbers as they are needed for record keeping.

If you think we can be of service to you, give us a call or e-mail us for further information.

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car frame
car frame
car wheel
car wheel
car a-frame
car a-frame
motorcycle gas
motorcycle gas
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auto oil pan
paint hangers
paint hangers
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steel pipe
pump parts
pump parts
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shell back chair

bake-off ovens   BAKE-OFF OVENS
Bare Metal has the flexibility to meet your metal cleaning needs. Our large ovens can bake paint or
coatings from items such as steel beams or weldments up to 21 feet in length. Temperatures can be
maintained and monitored to within three degrees of the desired setting, allowing us in some instances
to remove coatings from even aluminum substrates. Each oven has its own afterburner system to insure
that they are operating within environmental guidelines. We have our own maintenance capabilities to
combat against any unusual downtimes. The production schedules of our industrial customers are a
number one priorityin determining our schedules. If you say you need it back the next day, we’ll make
it happen. We maintain and produce our own inhouse racks and tooling used in our processes in order
to be able to meet our customer’s specific production needs. If you need hangers and racks cleaned
for your paint production, we can keep you supplied and on schedule.

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chemical stripping  CHEMICAL STRIPPING
Not every item can be successfully blasted clean of paint or dirt. Therefore, an atlernative method must
be used to reach areas that media cannot penetrate. Chemical stripping offers a solution for hard to reach

media blasting  MEDIA BLASTING
Bare Metal has been doing various kinds of media blasting for years. We utilize steel grit, glass bead, or
plastic media to get you the finish you need for your metal substrate. From the car frame to the roof we
can remove old paint and rust to reveal clean metal that allows you to restore the finish you want on your
prize antique auto or dream street rod. Weathered lawn furniture with chipped or pealing paint can be
brought back to life with our processes. We can remove the old paint, prime and paint it the color of your
choice to match your home and decor. The neat aspect of plastic media blasting is that it removes the old
paint to reveal a clean smooth surface without the harsh effects of the more aggressive steel and media
blasting. We use this on the more delicate surfaces. Call us and we will advise you on the best application
to use for the metal that you need stripped.

degreasing  DEGREASING
Are you trying to rebuild and refurbish a greasy old machine? Let our technicians remove the old oil,
grease, and paint to allow your machinist to rework your piece of equipment. We can even add a coat
of primer to the clean, bare metal to prepare it for your painters final coat and protect it from the
nuisance of flash rusting. We even offer finish painting services to many of our customers on a limited

rust removal  RUST REMOVAL
Rust on metal surfaces needs to be removed to successfully refinish or refurbish your antique car or other
family heirloom. Bare Metal offers two distinct and successful methods of accomplishing this taks. Parts or
items can be media blasted free of rust or submerged in a chemical bath of derusting solution.

rust preventatives  RUST PREVENTATIVES
Bare Metal will apply rust inhibitors to all cleaned surfaces according to the customers directions to prevent
the formation of harmful flash rust deposits.

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parts washing  PARTS WASHING
In many instances manufactuers use drawing oil or water soluble rust inhibitors to prevent flash rusting on
their parts. Bare Metal can provide parts washing and cleaning to give the item a clean surface so the
painter or manufacturer can place the item in production or use.

welding repair  WELDING REPAIR
Our maintenance department offers a limited amount of welding repair service. For some customers, we
clean their steel paint racks and then repair them so that they can be placed back into full use.

  Capable of stripping parts as long as 21 feet and as small as a screw.

  High volume contract cleaning of paint line equipment and hangers that need excess build-up of paint
removed or powder before being reused.

  Plastic industry cleaning of extruder screws, molds, or machine item with excess build-up of plastic coating.

  Oil, grease, and paint removal for machinery that is in the rebuild process by machinist services.

  Manufactured products that have been improperly painted.

  Strainer baskets used in liquid transfer of various industries including paint, latex, and chemical manufacturers.

  Design consulting for hangers or tooling to aid in the construction of new paint systems that will allow proper cleaning and rotation of  paint hangers and equipment.

  Government refurbishing work, including postal equipment such as mail boxes, gun refurbishing for both Naval and Army weapons systems, state highway maintenance programs on trucks and equipment.

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Bare Metal delivery trucks
Bare Metal delivery trucks
Bare Metal delivery truck
Scheduled pick-up and delivery service as well as emergency hot shot service for
quick response to cleaning needs for problems that can effect production.

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